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Master The 1st Module of
Filipino Martial Arts
With The KM Online Video Training Program
What if you’re the type of person that really wants to master the entire fighting style of Kali?

Or you basically want to see results and feel like you can protect yourself at all times?

You may want to have more than one small part of this fighting style under your belt. Or maybe, you feel more comfortable fighting with weapons, or you may prefer a more open hand style of fighting…

If you want a “road map” to your goal of mastering our Filipino Martial Arts system, I created it for you.

It's our 1st Module: KM Beginners Program.
The entire program will cater to you, no matter your needs.

Where you want to be able to throw amazing jabs, fight with sticks…

Even if you’re smaller in size, a bigger person…

Even if you just want a way to build on top of the skills you already have as a fighter. This is the program for you.

This program was designed to make Filipino Martial Arts easy to understand and learn.

With The KM complete Beginners' Program, you’ll be taken by the hand and walked through the techniques and concepts that you need to have the ability to defend yourself from harm and feel confident with your martial arts skills.

The Kali Beginner Program includes:
  •   One of the most structured program out there
  •  All the Kali Sub-systems (Empty-Hands, Sticks, Knife, Boxing/Kickboxing, and much more...)
  •  How to incorporate any into your fighting style (Whether they be traditional or improvised weapons)!
  •  How to combine everything that you’ve learned (This is the road that leads to mastery level)
  •  Lifetime Membership
  •  And much, much more...
We also add these FREE Fast Action bonuses to your order

Blades Application and Disarm Techniques

You can be a master with sticks AND with a blade.

Surprisingly, a lot of the techniques that you're going to learn with sticks can immediately be applied to a blade as well.

But there’s a technique to it that not many people are talking about outside of Kali. This is what you’re going to learn with this FREE bonus.

Imagine yourself knocking your opponent's stick or baton out of their hand every single time with a cheeky smile on your face.

There's a right way to do it and you're going to learn exactly how with the FREE bonus added to your order.
So what are you waiting for? Do you truly want to be a force to be reckoned with?

Do you truly want to grow as a person?

Or do you want to go through life, constantly paranoid because you can’t defend yourself and because you've stayed exactly the same for years upon years?

The choice is yours!

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